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1156 bulbs get too hot

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The lower running lamps (1156) on my 65 elco melted a hole my lens diffussers, they are scorching hot to the touch. My electrical system is in good working order. I even bench tested the bulbs with the same results. Im using sylvania 1156LL bulbs, LL stands for long life. Any ideas?
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Thanks Guys, Dyno john you are correct, the 1156 bulbs look like Im driving with the brake lights on. I will try the 1073 bulbs.
Thanks Dyno, I still dont understand why the 1156 bulbs melted my diffuser. Im thinking maybe I could try LED lamps if they fit behind the diffuser. I will try the smaller ones first and if I dont like them I will check on the LED type.
Thanks for looking for me jonn, the owners manual actually calls for a 1156 so who knows whats wrong. You should have a diffusser behind your lens since the wagon is the same as el camino.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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