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1156 bulbs get too hot

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The lower running lamps (1156) on my 65 elco melted a hole my lens diffussers, they are scorching hot to the touch. My electrical system is in good working order. I even bench tested the bulbs with the same results. Im using sylvania 1156LL bulbs, LL stands for long life. Any ideas?
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Check out # 1073. It a single filiment too but may be lower in watts and cooler. FWIW 1156 is a bright bulb like a brake light. If they are on all the time, how can anyone following you tell when your brake lights do come on? Bulb # 67 or # 97 should be bright enough for a tail light / running light application.

Jon N.
I did some research at Don't bother with the 1073. It's as hot as the 1156. The common tail light bulb 1157 has a running light filament that is three candle power. The 67 and 97 are each four candle power and will fit where you had the 1156. You would be better off to forget the 1073 and go for a # 67 or # 97. I'm sure either one of them will work better for you.
I just think the 1156 is not the right bulb for your car .... er, truck. I just pulled the taillight lens off a 65 wagon in my showroom. It doesn't have a diffuser, it only has the red lens. It has 1157 in the top and 67 in the bottom.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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