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    The big disclaimer;

    The object of this section is to post items that are based on a "been there, done that" philosophy. However, nothing can be perfect!! Please keep this in mind as you read the following sections.

    Wes. Vann + Schurkey

    Latest Article - Adjusting Automatic Chokes: A Semi-Universal Approach, by Schurkey  Web version - Download/Printable (800K Adobe format)

    The Technical Reference Series

    Bodywork and Interiors

        1. Windshield glass R&R (1/10/00, Wes Vann)
        2. Floor pan replacement in a Chevelle (3/22/97, Wes Vann)
        3. Hanging doors and fenders (7/8/97, Wes Vann)
        4. Power windows & door panels for a 64 Chevelle (8/29/97, Wes Vann)
        5. Drains for sliding glass on a 2 door wagon (6/30/97, Wes Vann)
        6. Glovebox Lock Removal adobe pdf (Gene McGill)

    Suspension (Front and Rear)

        1. "Tall" spindle disk Brakes on Chevelles (3/3/99, Wes Vann)
        2. "Short" spindle disk brakes on Chevelles (4/1/97, Wes Vann)
        3. Boxing rear arms and sway bars for a Chevelle (6/28/98,Wes Vann)
        4. Replacing Bushings & Ball Joints on upper arms (7/4/01,Wes Vann)
        5. Jim Shea's Power Steering pages (01/01/2013, Jim Shea)
        6. Body Bushing Replacement - GM "A" Body (October 2008, Schurkey)
            Download/Printable (500K Adobe format)

    Engines (and attached accessories)

        1. Small block to big block conversion (8/25/97, Bob Tiley)
        2. Starters & Solenoids (3/28/97, Wes Vann)
        3. Distributors including HEI's (03/24/08, Wes Vann and Schurkey)
    Alternator conversions (10/7/98, Wes Vann)
        5. Adjusting Valves (9/28/98, Wes Vann & Bob Tiley)

        6. Windage Screen Installation (John Winship)
        7. Adjusting Automatic Chokes: A Semi-Universal Approach, (April 2009, Schurkey)
            Download/Printable (800K Adobe format)

    Transmissions and Rear-ends

        1. Useful gearing formulas (4/3/00, Wes Vann)
        2. Manual Transmissions (3/3/99, Wes Vann)
        3. Automatic Transmissions (4/29/00, Wes Vann)
        4. Converting to a 4 speed (11/26/98, Wes Vann)
        5. Installing a Tremec 5 speed in a Chevelle (Michael Pell)
        6. TH350 replacing Powerglide (4/1/97, Wes Vann)
        7. 700R4 Trans conversion (8/14/97, Wes Vann)
        8. Automatic Transmission Cooler Lines (7/4/01,Wes Vann)


        1. "Terms and Phrases" (continually being updated)
        2. Thoughts on security (4/29/00, Wes Vann)
        3. Hood lock for a 65 Chevelle (4/29/00, Wes Vann)
        4. Fuel Gauge Problems (8/9/98)
        5. Aftermarket Gauges (3/5/99, Wes Vann)
        6. Vintage Air installation in a 64 Chevelle (11/26/98, Wes Vann)
        7. Installing a Hidden Stereo & infrared link (7/7/01, Wes Vann)

    Tools and Materials

        1. Welders (4/12/97, Wes Vann)
        2. Volt/Ohm meters (Wes Vann)
        3. Electrical connections, Crimpers, Soldering irons, Relays (5/13/97, Wes Vann)
        4. Tubing and Tools (9/28/98, Wes Vann)
        5. Cool Tools that don't fit anywhere else (5/1/97, Wes Vann)
        6. Fillers, Primers, & required tools (4/12/97, Wes Vann)

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    Reference, Tool, and Material Articles originally created by: Wes Vann

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