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  1. Restoration Corner
    The glass in my 1970 Chevelle is all original. The windshield is in great shape--no cracks, chips, or deglazing--but has the light scratches and very minor pits you'd expect from 44 years of light dirt, gravel, etc., bouncing off the windshield. I'm contemplating have the glass polished to...
  2. Restoration Corner
    Thanks to everyone's answers on Team Chevelle, I was able to remove the stainless steel windshield/cowl lower molding (the one that's at the base of the windshield and about 3.5-in high) for my 1970 Chevelle without much difficulty. Now I need to get it polished or replace it--it's got some...
  3. Body Shop
    I am to the point of installing the front and rear glass in my 69 restoration. I was considering installing it myself, but after reading about butyl vs urethane, and setting the glass the correct height, I have decided to get a professional to install the glass. But I want someone that knows...
1-3 of 3 Results