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  1. Body Shop
    Has anyone here replaced front floor pans in a 64 or 65? Looks like a huge job. Is it doable without removing the body from the frame?
  2. Body Shop
    Ok - I really do have a day job and should stick to it but, I just have to learn something with my son. Maybe we live, or blow up, etc... But you guys can come to the rescue! There is a cross looking body brace behind the back seat. The left side seems to be badly rusted. Is there a...
  3. Body Shop
    I'd like to eliminate some emblems and trim and fill the holes before painting... I was talking to a shop, and inquired how much to weld the holes closed, and they "suggested" fiberglass rather than welding... Well, not really suggested, but just said the welding would be far more costly...
1-3 of 3 Results