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  1. Chevelle Tech
    Have a 1970 396, auto. Need some vacuum help. Im not sure what this part pictured is or where the hoses go, and one hose is completely off of where it goes. Anyone have a diagram?? Thanks
  2. Engine
    I am working off info I cannot verify. I was informed my engine (being built) will only pull 12 in vacuum using the Edlebrock performer RPM top end kit and an Edelbrock 600 carb. Engine is mainly stock 350, 9.75:1 compression with roller cam that comes with the kit. Vacuum numbers seem kind...
  3. Engine
    While searching the "interweb" for tips on distributor timing advance, I found this link. Thought it might help others that are novices like me
  4. Heating & Cooling
    In my 68 Chevelle SS396 with stock air conditioning and power brakes, would it be possible to remove the AC vacuum canister and run the vacuum hose to a new nozzle on the brake power booster? I could drill a small hole in the rear of the booster and attach a vacuum line. It would clean up the...