transmission swap

  1. Free Shipping on Transmission this Month

    We are now set up as an official dealer of Performance Automatic transmissions and to kick that off we are doing FREE SHIPPING on any transmission or transmission kit until the end of the month! We have everything from TH350's to modern electronic overdrives. All Performance Automatic...
  2. Keisler RS 500 or alternative

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hello all. First let me thank everyone for all the help y'all have provided in the past. Got another one for you. Wifey just gave me the green light on a 5 speed conversion for my 67 Malibu. Currently have a 700r4 that I am not happy with. I was thinking about an RS500. After reading a...
  3. 700R4 Swap problems.

    Transmission & Driveline
    Just had my TH-350 replaced with a 700R4. The 700r4 crunches when changing gears, whether from park to reverse, or to drive. It made the start-up of the engine much rougher, and I can also hear it turning at idle. I can hear it over my headers, so I'm very concerned. The shop says its normal but...
  4. Thinking about replacing th350 with 700r4

    Transmission & Driveline
    I have a slightly modified 383 stroker and behind it is sitting a hughes th350 with a b&M floor shifter and although I like the way the setup is... I am pretty upset that I cannot drive on the highway well or to any shows or even to work well because the RPM's are screaming! So I am looking at...