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  1. Engine
    Hey guys sorry for the possibly stupid question but inquiring minds and all that. My dad picked up a gen 6 454 intake and carb recently and ended up on the discussion of the cam. Factory cam so i know it’s a turd but the question I have is the factory specs put the cam timing at 117 degrees. I...
  2. Performance
    Hey guys so I’ve been doing some work on my engine, primarily swapping out the ignition system for a MSD Pro-billet and have now advanced the timing curve on my 496 bbc. Only problem now is I get a little subtle backfire every now and then out the exhaust on take off from dead stop or very slow...
  3. Ignition
    Hello everyone, I am searching for some opinions and some advise. I bought this 1964 El Camino with a 454 back in 2017 and had a lot of fun with it. People who know much more about engines and classic American Muscle (I know, it´s an El Camino ;-)) in particular took a ride with me in that car...
  4. Performance
    I got my motor back from the rebuilder, he added quite a bit of performance stuff: Crane cam, 10.5-1 compression, e-street heads, air gap intake, Edelbrock 1406 600cfm carb. When I got the motor back I put it in and it ran OK. I did not have the time to tweak anything but it ran pretty good as...
  5. Engine
    While searching the "interweb" for tips on distributor timing advance, I found this link. Thought it might help others that are novices like me
1-5 of 6 Results