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  1. Silver Sport Transmissions
    These kits are now available to order and are complete with the following components: • Magnum 6 speed with exclusive SST PerfectFit™ shifter that provides a factory console fit with short throws and a positive feel. • Fully engineered crossmember that is a bolt-in. Models also available for...
  2. Transmission & Driveline
    Hello everyone. I have a questioon that Hurst Conversions won't seem to help me with, for i purchased my tranny elsewhwere. Do anyone know if it poossible to run the stock 4 speed center console with a T56 (6 speed trans) Magnum transmission in a 1966 Malibu convertable. I know they make a...
  3. Transmission & Driveline
    So my first problem was a clutch but now I have another. Since everything is out of the car I am considering a T56 6 speed and 4.56 rear gears. Problem is I have found a lot of aftermarket 5 speeds but not many 6 speeds. Does any body have any links, know of ones for sale, or know of which ones...
1-3 of 3 Results