1. 1969-70 9796919 trim rings

    Chevelle Tech
    I have done a search here to no avail. I have used up my stash of 14x7 GM trim rings 9796919 and had bought a set of aftermarket rings last year that were virtually identical. They had a small decal on the backside with the part number and were made by ???? Stainless Steel Co. For the life of me...
  2. Stainless Steel Windshield/Cowl Lower Molding

    Restoration Corner
    Thanks to everyone's answers on Team Chevelle, I was able to remove the stainless steel windshield/cowl lower molding (the one that's at the base of the windshield and about 3.5-in high) for my 1970 Chevelle without much difficulty. Now I need to get it polished or replace it--it's got some...