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  1. Projects & Builds
    Hi all, new member here looking for recollections by guys concerning a build I'm doing on a 66 ss396. It is missing many things, so I am primarily putting it together to drive for kicks. The theme of the build is base model. So manual steering, brakes, and three speed hd trans are a must along...
  2. 1970 Cars for sale
  3. Bench Racing
    Contact me privately regarding this car BEFORE you bid.
  4. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Got into a discussion today and looking for clarification if I'm right or wrong - don't really care which, but would like an answer. Gentleman claims (1) all 1969 L78 Chevelles have boxed lower control arms, period and (2) The F41 suspension option in 1969 DID NOT include boxed control arms...
  5. Projects & Builds
    Well it took three and a half years but she is ready for spring. I started in Dec 2010. All that is left is interior trim. But I will be driving it this spring. Pictures documenting the rebuild are in my profile albums. Man this was fun. 64 years old and I think I am ready to start again. Maybe...
  6. SS396 With Old White Lettered Uniroyals

    This is what these cars looked like with the original Uniroyal tires installed.
  7. The Roar

    Sights and Sounds
1-8 of 9 Results