1. Has anyone used these PUI bucket seats

    Has anyone ever purchased a set of these complete buck seat assemblies? I am ordering for a RestoMod we are building but want to make sure the are good quality. I normally use nothing but Legendary Interiors but these are PUI. If anyone has bought these please let me know your thoughts. I want...
  2. Replacement seat fabric

    Hi - I'm trying to have my seats reupholstered to look close to original. Since I have a '68 4 door 300 deluxe with a full front bench and fabric/vinyl interior (code 770 ~ Dark Blue Ramara Cloth, Imitation Leather), there are no replacement seat covers. I know that I could get the exact...
  3. Advice:Ditching Racing Buckets for OEM Bench Seat

    When I bought my Chevelle it had pretty nice racing buckets, Im thinking of switching back to the original bench seat. I know buckets can be considered desirable so Im kinda torn. Whats involved in switching back? How much can I expect to pay for the bench seat? Any input is appreciated.
  4. Bucket seat help! Pics

    can somebody tell me if the buckets I just bought have the right tracks on them,they look like two passenger sides track sets, and it also looks like they cut the handles off, ill appreciate it if somebody upload a pic there setup
  5. Floor shifter install

    can i use the original parking lever assembly from a column shift car that activates the nss and ignition lock with a floor shifter. It seems like you should my new bracket has the holes for the lever, as the floor and column lever the same?
  6. modern power seat hook up?

    Hey guys, I've been helping out my buddy lately work on his toyota truck, and we got to talking about the seats he has in it, they are from a Mazda MX6. The seat frame has been modified and dropped a bit and so they should fit pretty nicely in my car, and I'm not afraid to do a bit more...