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  1. Stock
    Partial set of deluxe seat belts from a 69 chevelle. Buckles are in nice shape, with most of the webbing good too, see pics. Some fraying on 2 belts. The color is black and actually darker than the pics show . Dated 51 and 48 week of 68. You get all that's pictured and 160 price includes...
    $160 USD
  2. Interiors
    I thought other people mite like a easy way to upgrade to the 3 point seatbelts. I just made a 3x2 plate and welded a nut to it and used self tapers with panel bond for the upper mount. its a little tight at the bottom of the rear seat but it works. I used a cheep seat belt kit from amazon just...
  3. Interiors
    I bought these retractable boxes in the picture from Johnny Law and I believe now that was a mistake. It hit either the seat or the door, depending on which way I mount it. also, If I mount it parallel with the door so nothing hits it, the belt won't come out. It has to come out of the retractor...
1-3 of 3 Results