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  1. Parts
    Hey Friends, I’m out of SoCal and recently put my FAST XFI EFI system up for sale. I decide to go a different route with my build. Figured I would post here and see if there is any interest. Here is the link to it on OfferUp. Check out this item on OfferUp.
  2. Engine
    Seems these 4-bolt "Universal" blocks have some threaded holes I do not recall seeing on the older blocks. Not certain if they reach oil/water. Left/drivers side. Want to plug them just to be sure, they are not pipe thread "probably" are dry. One is just to the right and up from the oil filter...
  3. Engine
    Wanted to drop a line to let Houston-area TC members know that I have tracked down the machine shop manager from Precision Engines on the north side of town before they sold the land and were forced to close up shop. If any of you had engines built there you may remember Herb. He's doing his own...
1-3 of 4 Results