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  1. General Classifieds
    Brand new Crower Enduro Centerline Roller rockers for BBC. 1.7 ratio. 73687-8 .090" backset trunion, and 73683-8 .050" backset trunion. These were mocked up, installed and the engine ran at idle for 10 minutes total. Did not work for my application. Backset is for when using longer than stock...
  2. Performance
    Hello , i am stumped as to why my valve train gets real noisy after 10-15 miles of driving .i have a fairly mild combo with 10:1 comp ported 461X heads on a 350. the cam is also mild hyd flat tappet 225/[email protected] and .465 /in .488ex lift with 1.5 rockers the springs are good to .550 and have...
  3. roller_rockers

    Shown are Harland Sharp roller rockers, screw-in rocker studs, Offenhauser twin carb intake, Stovebolt cast iron headers. The intake is port-matched to the ported heads.
1-3 of 3 Results