1. I'm new here looking to connect.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I grew up in Detroit and now live near Cleveland Ohio. I just bought my next project, a 71 Chevelle true SS HT. In 1971 I was 16 years old, had just started driving and felt that they had been waiting for me to drive before making the most beautiful car ever. Since then I have restored...
  2. Bumpers - Restore vs Replace

    Body Shop
    As I'm restoring my '71 Chevelle and I'm planning ahead a bit as I'm waiting for the engine and Trans (EFI 502/CPT 200-4R) to be finished then installed into the finished chassis. The car will be getting new paint and I want to tighten up the gap were the rear bumper ends meet up to the body...
  3. Getting Started - Need Advice & Recommendations

    Chevelle Tech
    I am restoring a 1966 Chevelle SS for my father in law that will one day be my sons. Unfortunately, I have been without a project for 15 years (college, married, kids, etc). I have restored several 68-70 models when I was younger and grew up around cars so I am not totally dumb just rusty. The...
  4. Long time Reader, First time Poster

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I've been visiting this site for years, finally joined a year ago, and decided to go all in today by becoming a lifetime member in the hopes of better supporting this wonderful resource. A short introduction would go like this: I got my first (and only) Chevelle in 1986 as a HS graduation...