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  1. Body Shop
    Is there a way to make a vinyl top and roof last out side I’m currently restoring a 68 but I want to keep the vinyl top look and daily drive it
  2. Restoration Corner
    While cleaning and painting the front clip of my Chevelle earlier this year, I decided to go deeper into the engine bay and give her the cleaning and detailing that I've been meaning to do since 1998. The first major component, as I work my way towards the firewall, was the Saginaw power...
  3. Restoration Corner
    Ok experts, I need help with a paint code for a medium bronze interior. I have read most of the post on this, but what paint to use on the interior has me stumped. Years past the lacquers were used and will not help me now. What modern interior paint codes are out there for Aztec bronze? Is one...
  4. Chevelle Tech
    So ive been reading posts on Heavy Chevy's and read lots of opinions. Im looking to get some newer insight on a path to take with my Heavy Chevy. I have a 71 HC (Vin 134371) and am trying to figure out if 1) I go back to as original as possible or 2) go rogue with it (make it a driver with...
  5. Chevelle Tech
    I am restoring a 1966 Chevelle SS for my father in law that will one day be my sons. Unfortunately, I have been without a project for 15 years (college, married, kids, etc). I have restored several 68-70 models when I was younger and grew up around cars so I am not totally dumb just rusty. The...
  6. Restoration Corner
    How do you go about cleaning the belts and restoring the SS case covers? Look forward to your input!
  7. Restoration Corner
    Can anyone refer a restoration guru for trim rings? Thanks
  8. Chevelle Tech
    Hello! I am not only new to the forum, but I am only recently the owner of a 1972 Chevelle SS. From the time I first learned to drive I have always wanted one of these incredible cars and now I am proud to say I finally am! While my car seem to be in good shape mechanically (I have a...
  9. Restoration Corner
    Seems I remember earlier this year that GM was no longer offering their "Restoration Kit" free for the asking and was charging something like $50 for them now. Anyone ordered one since March or April of 2009 and have had to pay for it and, if so, how much?
  10. Chevelle Tech
    OK guys I finally pulled my 72 out from back of the garage. I let my boys take it to school to work on it. Last time registered to drive was 1987. With my help and not the teachers help we got it running. Now my original plan with it was to make it a pro street car, but now unsure. Here is why...
  11. Chevelle Tech
    Here is a picture of page 428 from the 68 Chevelle Assembly Manual. I have a hidden amplifier, but I am searching for the brackets that hold the amplifier in place. They are part numbers 3927335 and 3927336. These brackets appear to go on the space to the right of the glove box underneath the...
  12. Restoration Corner
    I just purchased a '68 Concours (2Dr, 307, PG trans, 10 bolt). This is the second one I have owned. I need some information on a particular Concours option. I know about the main differences(deluxe int. spec. carpet, thick jute backing, buick or olds replacement seats, carpet on lower door...
1-12 of 12 Results