1. Are REMANUFACTURED any good?

    Hello I am new to the classic car world, I just bought a 66 el camino, lots of work to be done but has great bones. I was wondering if anyone could help out a young buck/newbie. My power steering pump is leaking and I am trying to decide if I rebuild, buy a new oem part, or buy a remanufactured...
  2. 1970 Chevelle (SR70 BBC)

    Projects & Builds Grandfather, Dad and I ended up driving up to Oklahoma earlier this week and picking up a Chevelle that we have been chasing down for almost 2 years and bringing it home with us! Extremely excited because this car is actually the first car that I bought for myself! Anyways I thought I...
  3. 454 ground up 71' - "Engine Time"

    I'm knee deep into my ground up 71' Chevelle 454 restoration. This will be a pump gas street car and want it to go fast, stop quick, corner as good as possible, and sound mean as hell. The chassis (powder coat doner frame) is mostly done (thx Mark @ SC&C- AFX suspension kit, V2 Verishock, 14"...
  4. Rebuilding/restoring 1970 Saginaw Power Steering Gearbox #5691676

    Restoration Corner
    While cleaning and painting the front clip of my Chevelle earlier this year, I decided to go deeper into the engine bay and give her the cleaning and detailing that I've been meaning to do since 1998. The first major component, as I work my way towards the firewall, was the Saginaw power...
  5. 1970 Brake Hold-off Valve #2226261

    Restoration Corner
    I'm currently working to restore my 1970 SS396's front end and engine compartment. My immediate project is brakes related: master cylinder, booster, hold-off valve, pressure differential valve/switch, and hard & soft lines. There is precious little information concerning the hold-off valve...
  6. Distributor rebuild kit?

    Electrical & Wiring
    I need to rebuild my stock distributor and am having trouble finding a rebuild kit (bushings, etc). Any suggestions where to find them? My engine is a 67 327.
  7. Distributor instructions/specs?

    I searched and could find an answer, trying this... I'm looking for distributor rebuild instructions for my original points dist on my 67 327. The shaft has about 3-32 play up and down and is a little sloppy at the rotor, which may be causing some gear noise/wear. Methinks it's time to...
  8. A6 compressor rebuild or echange???

    Heating & Cooling
    Is there some one out there that rebuilds A6 compressors or sells rebuilt on with a core exchange? I am adding A/C to my 71 but the compressor needs to be rebuilt and I dont want to spend the $$ for a new one from the local auto parts store. Any suggestions?