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rear bumper

  1. Body Shop
    My bad....I'm 90% through my '64 build and made the mistake early on of either selling, giving away or discarding some original brackets belonging to bumpers, alternator and PS pump. My stuff was rough and could have been saved with sandblast then PC or paint. Instead, I truly believed in this...
  2. Body Shop
    Is the rear bumper on 70 SS identical to the Non SS except for the addition of the SS pad?
  3. Wagons & Four Doors
    67 Wagon/El Camino rear bumper should be the same, right? I have not seen anyone offering the rear bumper till recently...Original Parts Group has repop rear bumpers in their catalog...or at least for an El Camino. :hurray: I haven't looked around to see if anyone else has started offering...
  4. Restoration Corner
    Guys, I have seen this question a couple times, but not really an answer yet. I am looking for the correct location for the rear-bumper SS emblem on a 71-72. Is it supposed to be vertically centered in the space above the license plate? I'll have to drill the bumper I am using, so don't...