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  1. Body Shop
    My son has a 70, and getting it ready to paint. He is doing a lot of the work. The driver side needs a quarter, and possibley the right. Has anyone who is not a professional body man, but some body experience done this? He wants to try tackel this are self. Also how is the bottom part of the...
  2. Body Shop
    Ok, finally got the stuff prepped, and started to fit everything in. The inner well and outer well actually went very well. Seemed to fit right in. The drop off fit fairly well, only a little larger gap in one area I can fill. The problem is the quarter. The drop off seems to be pushing the...
  3. Body Shop
    my 69 nova needs new quarters. How hard are these to replace. Im no body man, but im an experienced metal fabricator. is this something that I should be able to do?
  4. Body Shop
    I have about 90% of my 1/4 drilled off (spot welds). I have a question. There is a piece of the old 1/4 that is spot welded to a piece of structure under the lead seam at the top. How did you guys get this out? I can add photos later. I have the upper roof seam drilled off but the 1/4 was spot...
  5. Body Shop
    I've removed the entire full quarter from my 69 Chevelle except the section that attaches to the roof. At this seam it appears the quarter is sandwiched between the inner structure and the roof with spot welds and then welded on the ends. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove this without...
  6. Body Shop
    Well, i finaly did it. When to Lowes today and bought a panel cutting bit for my air chisel. Very nice... Cuts like butter. Here was the victim today.... First rough cut the panel..... Then carefully cut out around the wheel housings, almost no rust there. There was this swiss chesse type...
1-6 of 6 Results