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  1. Chevelle Tech
    Hi guys, Getting ready to get back on my base model 66 ss396 project, and really could use a few pictures of the carb, specifically the stock setup for the return spring and brackets, along with the PVC routing. Also vacuum line to distributor. It is a quadrajet equipped 325 horse version. Thanks!
  2. Performance
    Hello yall, So my q jet on my 396 has finally worn out. I know q-jets are sworn by a lot, but I am interested to see what other reccomendations you all have to offer. I am installing a new edelbrock performer rpm intake, and want some help on my carb. For my application, I am using it for street...
  3. Chevelle Tech
    I have a 1970 chevelle with a 396/350hp. I'm looking to get a 7040204, which was the original Qjet. question i have is, were the carbs shipped with the engine, or assembled at the vehicle assembly line. Meaning, if the carb date is after the engine assembly date, but before the vehicle...
1-3 of 3 Results