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  1. Engine
    Trying to complete an essentially stock SBC 350 truck engine. Plain old stamped rockers, original pushrods, Summit heads. Most of the rockers appear well centered at the valve stem but a few are clearly off-center, No, 8 intake visibly moves sideways. Some do not seem to retain adjustment...
  2. Bench Racing
    I Love it!!! When you make big tenderfoot mistake ... and recover unscathed .. except for the pride factor... My kids (not really kids they're 29 and 27 but I still call them kids) love having a laugh at dad when old man has a little mishap ... My son and I just finished pulling the left head...
  3. Engine
    I will post a sound clip if necesarry but I let the chevelle sit in a parking lot on base for a week while the trans got fixed but when we fired it up yesterday a very loud knock at idle and while driving home could be heard... and it almost sounds out of both sides of the valve covers! We took...
1-3 of 3 Results