1. clockwise water pump 502

    Heating & Cooling
    i have a 502 with v-belts in my 66. only 2 pumps (excluding meziere) are listed on summit that will fit a gen 6 block, short, and is clockwise. they are the stage 3 and stage 4 pumps by Stewart. which, if either, of these pumps will work without the pulleys rubbing? i just got a set of...
  2. Water pump pulley/fan flange not pressed on far enough

    I just had my 327 built and I have started from scratch on the front of the motor. After trying several different crank and pump pulleys, including billet aluminum, I talked to one of the older guys at Jegs at the retail store, ( I live in Columbus). He said they press on that pulley/fan flange...
  3. Power Steering Bracket Help

    Chevelle Tech
    Ok.. before I go crazy ( oops... too late ) can anyone assist me with figuring out which power steering pump and bracket(s) will work with my project ? I have a 66 - 396 sitting in a 68 Chevelle. First bracket ordered from Summit, no worky. Called Billiet Specialties, and theirs that looks like...
  4. Alt & Power Steering Brackets

    Restoration Corner
    Anyone have any good suggestions or recommendations on Power Steering and Alternator brackets ? would like to find something other than the standard type mounts, hoping to kind of find a set made by same company, so they look alike. Been to Jeg's and Summit, just wondering what else was out...