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  1. Heating & Cooling
    I wanted to over drive my water pump pulley just a bit to get a little extra flow out of the pump. So with a 6 3/4" crank pulley and a matching size water pump pulley (1 to 1), I'm looking for a 5 1/2 to 5 3/4" water pump pulley, single V-groove. For some reason, the over drive water pump...
  2. Engine
    I just had my 327 built and I have started from scratch on the front of the motor. After trying several different crank and pump pulleys, including billet aluminum, I talked to one of the older guys at Jegs at the retail store, ( I live in Columbus). He said they press on that pulley/fan flange...
  3. Big Block with new March Pulley Kit

    Big Block with new March Pulley Kit

  4. Engine
    I looked in the the archives used the search function and called all my known contacts. Nobody can seem to answer this. I just received a water pump pulley from Ebay for my 402. The number is 3976059AO. The measurements are 6.219 dia, 1.975 depth, 1.9125 back-spacing. Is there supposed to be a...