1. Stratobench ready to go

    Finished getting the stratobench (pictured below) from the 70 Riviera ready to install in my 68 wagon. I did try to fit it with the electrics even though all the threads on this seat said it would be too high...had to see for myself and , yes, it was too high. After removing the electrics, I...
  2. Scat / Procar Rally Seats - 307.99 Shipped each

    Scat / Procar Rally Series seat has vertical stitching for a vintage look, with pronounced side bolstering for extra support. Dimensions are 22 inch wide x 22.5 inch deep x 30.5 inches tall with headrest. Sale Priced at 307.99 each shipped (48 States) LH Seat...
  3. Procar Rally Seats

    This will be a very short sale, this week only because I dont have that many in stock. This is the best I can do at this time. $315.00 Shipped Left seat Right seat I also have the adapted brackets...