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  1. Power steering conversion with stock sizing....

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I think it's a simple answer but couldn't get a solid answer after doing a search. Question: In converting to PS on my '64 SS, I purchased a Lares brand reman PS gearbox. I'm keeping my almost new steering components which are the early 13/16" size. Does anybody know if there is a pitman arm...
  2. Power Steering 68 Chevelle

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Just installed new power Steering pump on 68 Chevelle 427 engine - Power steering only works at high speed and does not work at idle? Any suggestions.
  3. '66 Chevelle Power Steering Conversion

    Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    I am in the process of converting over to power steering in my SS396. The Saginaw gearbox (5691676) fits, but the tapered end of the pitman arm that came with the gearbox doesn't fit the stock drag link. Can anyone tell me a part number of a pitman arm with close to 1.193 for the splined hole...
  4. Power Steering Bracket Help

    Chevelle Tech
    Ok.. before I go crazy ( oops... too late ) can anyone assist me with figuring out which power steering pump and bracket(s) will work with my project ? I have a 66 - 396 sitting in a 68 Chevelle. First bracket ordered from Summit, no worky. Called Billiet Specialties, and theirs that looks like...
  5. '66 SS396 Power Steering

    Restoration Corner
    I need some help! I am attempting to piece together a power steering setup in my '66. The problem is the original engine was long gone when I bought it. It now has a '72 402 big block with short water pump and the alternator on the driver's side. I have the gearbox, hoses, pump with reservoir...