1. Car has been sitting for many years and has some grease stains on the paint--how to remove!

    Body Shop
    I just got my '66 back on the road after sitting in various states of repair for many years. However you can see some grease or other stains on the white paint in some places, especially on the front fenders and door area (from our hands, etc...) Some of it may have been sitting a while. I...
  2. Solvent Pop

    Body Shop
    Hi guys, I have a big problem with my paint that I think its solvent pop. I had done the body work and used some Evercoat gold filler and all appeared fine. I took it to a local body shop for paint months later. They said they needed to do some additional body work. They did some more “filler”...
  3. When to paint....?

    Body Shop
    I'm in the process of building a second chassis from the ground up for my 64SS. The plan is to flip the body onto the new chassis. My question......paint the body after the flip to the new chassis or paint while on the old chassis then flip (carefully) to the new chassis. I only ask because...
  4. Best way to get a black gloss on hood with spray paint?

    Body Shop
    Ok guys Im not into the whole going cheap or flat black fad but I ordered a new hood and I dont have the money to paint the entire car right now nor the hood. So I have to paint the hood to keep it from rusting right now. I want this to be as good of a gloss as I can get but I need to do this...
  5. Olympic Gold SS396 Chevelle 1969

    Olympic Gold SS396 Chevelle 1969

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    March 2011 Paint Booth
  7. has anybody Dyed their door panels ?

    I have a set of New black door panels that i want to dye for my 72 chevelle. Im changing my interior to red from black. My question has anybody tried this before and what where you results? Did you have any problems with it wearing off? and what did you do about the chrome trim did you remove it...
  8. Alternate stripes or graphics to SS?

    Body Shop
    I'm about to get paint on my 71 Malibu. I don't wanna clone an SS but I love stripes and graphics to break up the large panels. Like Heavy Chevy or Yenko in the '60s (probably my favorite), but I don't want to clone those either, know what I mean? Does anyone have photos of cool options for...
  9. How do I get fine scratches out after compounding?

    Body Shop
    I used everything from left to right: Rubbing Compound, Cleaner Wax, First attempted ultimate compound and then used the polishing compound twice and no difference with either, then cleaner wax, then the wax. I tried my best to take pictures of the scratches but they are about as deep as say...
  10. Advice needed... '71 driver paint

    Body Shop
    My '71 Malibu was bought with an "ok" paint job. A little orange-peel and ok looking. But it's had key scratches down one side since before I bought it. There's a hole clear through the hood from a lame A/C place, and small chips and cracks all over. From one hot summer (this is a daily driver...