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    Hi Folks, The August 2009 issue of Popular Hot Rodding has a step-by-step install of our A-41 Automatic Overdrive Transmission into Steve Dulcich's '71 Roadrunner. Steve is the editor of Engine Masters magazine. The same product is available for Chevelle 1964-72, as well as later model Chevy A...
  2. Transmission & Driveline
    Check out the profile comparison of Keisler T45RS v. Muncie: - Notice the Muncie is actually taller than T45RS at the case/extension joint - Originally designed and made in Muncie, IN. The Muncie (est. 1929) and Warner gear (est. 1919) plants were just 3 miles apart! - Fully synchronized...
  3. Performance
    In the transmission forum I see a lot of guys with overdrive transmissions say "my cam/engine doesn't like to run below xxxrpm on the highway with my 5/6 speed" "I hardly use 6th gear" etc. Can one get a 'performance oriented' cam that is happy with an manual overdrive transmission that...
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    Hi Folks, We have Part 1 - Cruise Mode - of the Driving video live on YouTube. It's a short 2min30 sec overview of our automatic transmission, the A-41 which is a derivative of the 4L60/65/70E Hydramatic family. It has in-car video of the product and covers the technical aspects of the product...
  5. Transmission & Driveline
    Hi guys! Come see me at the Super Chevy show in Baton Rouge this weekend. I will be attending the show with Tremec, trannys will be on display and I will be ready and able to answer all of your installation and performance questions. I will be taking orders at the show as well so talk things...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys and gals, we are a new sponsor to Team Chevelle and look forward to helping out here on the forum and making new friends! :beers:
21-26 of 26 Results