oil leak

  1. Blue smoke after cam swap

    Recently did a cam swap on my 454. Replaced all of the valvetrain including valve seals with a compcams kit. Also, took inner springs out of valve springs for the break in process. Put...
  2. Oil Pushing out through breather??

    So i have a small block 383 stroker and i recently went for a drive and lost oil pressure. I checked and the motor was almost out of oil. (I know i should check before i drive) so upon further inspection i have come to find that the oil is actually pushing out through and oil breather that is on...
  3. Oil leak from the PCV grommet

    I am trouble shooting an oil leak from the grommet around the PCV. It does not leak all the time and it does not leak very much, but it is annoying. I have a SBC 383. I have a breather on the right side and a PCV value on the left side. The PCV value is connected back to the carb. Both...
  4. My baby wont fire - 69 camino

    well i was driving down the road, about a block away from my house thankfully, when my car just died on me. i was able to push it back to my house to start working in it. now she starts to turn over but wont fire. i just replaced the the cap and rotar on my distributer, still wont fire. there...