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  1. Performance
    Hi! it's been a long time . This community has has been a wealth of knowledge the past . Thank you to any still sticking around. So I recently noticed msd pro billet dis had some aggressive corrosion under the cap . I was in a bit of hurry so I spayed some anti corrosion (rust check) on the...
  2. Ignition
    I seem to be missing the module that would normally be screwed down in the area of the heat sink. This Chevelle was running pretty well with this setup. Is this common? I ordered a new module when I thought mine was missing from the engine rebuild, then I looked back at photos from months...
  3. Performance
    Hey guys need a little help here, I have a 496 bbc with a msd street fire HEI ignition and a Holley 850 with mechanical secondaries. Car was running perfect before I did a recurve on the ignition timing and now it idles great and in park will rev easily through out the whole power band but under...
  4. Electrical & Wiring
    Does anyone have experience/opinions about some of the aftermarket ignition systems such as MSD, Davis Unified Ignition (D.U.I.) or others? Ease of installation and performance/reliability enhancements are the main factors I am interested in. All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Troubleshooting
    I had trouble with my car running really bad but thought it was the carb or a clogged fuel line. I blew air through the lines, pulled the tank to check the tank screen, replaced all the rubber lines & fuel pump with no change. Tonight I tried a different carb & still the same. I pulled the...
  6. Vendor Deals
    MSD Street Fire HEI Distributor p/n 8362 - 129.99 shipped (48 states) Fits all Chevy V8s, except 348 and 409.
  7. Vendor Deals
    Buy a New 6AL-2 Programmable Ignition (P/N MSD6530) and get Free 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires from MSD MSD Programmable 6AL-2 (p/n 6530) $369.99 shipped (48 states) I have a limited amout of these in stock. Mail-in form for MSD...
1-7 of 10 Results