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  1. Electrical & Wiring
    Does anyone have experience/opinions about some of the aftermarket ignition systems such as MSD, Davis Unified Ignition (D.U.I.) or others? Ease of installation and performance/reliability enhancements are the main factors I am interested in. All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Troubleshooting
    I had trouble with my car running really bad but thought it was the carb or a clogged fuel line. I blew air through the lines, pulled the tank to check the tank screen, replaced all the rubber lines & fuel pump with no change. Tonight I tried a different carb & still the same. I pulled the...
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    MSD Street Fire HEI Distributor p/n 8362 - 129.99 shipped (48 states) Fits all Chevy V8s, except 348 and 409.
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    Buy a New 6AL-2 Programmable Ignition (P/N MSD6530) and get Free 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires from MSD MSD Programmable 6AL-2 (p/n 6530) $369.99 shipped (48 states) I have a limited amout of these in stock. Mail-in form for MSD...