1. What's it worth?
    A very interesting car, I currently own a 69SS and a 71SS, now i have been bit by this 1970 Malibu Sports Coupe, originally 350/4spd car, will need a good bit of work, car is just a roller, console, shifter and clutch pedal still their, 10 bolt posi, complete interior, body needs work, floors...
  2. My '66 Chevelle Malibu Sport Coupe

    My '66 Chevelle Malibu Sport Coupe

    My '66 Chevelle Malibu Sport Coupe, more pics and the restoration on my website,

    ‘66 Malibu Sport Coupe

    My ‘66 Malibu Sport Coupe gleamin’ in the sun, please check out my website for much more at thanks!

    My ‘66 Malibu Sport Coupe parked at the local burger joint for lunch, please check out my website for the restoration and much more at thanks!
  6. Chevelle Tech
    I need a little help figuring out what motor I can use to replace the window motor on the tailgate of my 1967 Chevelle wagon. I am also in search of the bracket that hold the rear window of the same 1967 Chevelle wagon. I have tried the different restoration sites and no-one seems to have...
  7. 2015
    I know that 1974 Chevelles are not the darling of the Chevelle enthusiasts, but 1974 was the last year for the 454 with a 4-speed, the last year for the double-hump crossmember (last year for true duals in the last pre-cat year). Check this thing out...
  8. New Member Introductions
    I'm new to this group but I've owned my Chevelle for 30 years. It was the first car I bought in 1983 after enlisting in the Navy and being stationed in Oakland, CA. I bought the 1969 Chevelle Malibu 2 door hard top in Napa, CA. from the original owner. The car has gone through some changes over...
  9. Bench Racing
    Just like there are many Chevelles out there, be it a Malibu, Super Sport, Heavy Chevy, Wagon or Coupe. Each one has an individual and unique story behind it. So this thread is for your story. When did you get it? Where? When? Anything unique or special about your Chevy, even if it's only...
  10. What's it worth?
    A friend is thinking of selling his '66 Malibu two door hardtop due to severe health problems. REAL problems. He wants me to give him some idea of what it might be worth. I have never gone over the car with a fine toothed comb but it does present itself well at a cruise night. It was a six...
  11. Electrical & Wiring
    Hey guys, I'm trying to hookup the Horn relay to my '64 Chevelle Malibu, and I can't seem to find a wiring diagram for a proper hook-up. I searched Google and through this site and couldn't find anything that showed a picture of one hooked up or a wiring diagram. Attached below is what my horn...
  12. What's it worth?
    I have a 66 chevelle malibu that im looking to sell. It doesn't have a motor or a drivetrain in it. I do have a complete 327 that needs to be rebuilt or a 350 block with headers that can go with it. The body is in great shape. It has sat in the garage for the last 9 or 10 years. The interior...
  13. Performance
    I bought a '73 Chevelle Malibu 350 3-Speed Automatic as my first car. it sat outside in a driveway for 20 years... for $700. Rusted out floorboards, bench seat leather ruined, steering wheel COVERED in sap or some ****. But it ran just fine. Didnt know it was a Bastard child chevelle and no one...
  14. Reunited after 37 years

    Reunited after 37 years

    We purchased this vehicle off the dealer's showroom in Dec. 1969. We sold it 5 years later to a friend for $1,200. He sold it a couple of days later for $3,500. I found the "same car", and re-purchased it, Feb. 2012 while looking for a Classic Car for my youngest son. The vehicle will stay
  15. Bench Racing
    Back in the late 70's my father bought and then built up this 1970 mailbu that he owned and loved for about 9 years up untill he had to part with it when my older brother was born. It was the first car he had ever taken out a loan to purchase. For the many years after he sold it, while not...
  16. Low Key Velle

    Low Key Velle

  17. Convertibles
    I need to replace the kick panels in my 64 Malibu convertible. I have been told that some of the aftermarket kick panels that have stereo speakers are poor quality. They also render the vent inoperable. Being mines a convertible with AC, I'm not to concerned about that. Anyone used these or know...
  18. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Hello, I have a 68 chevelle malibu with 4 wheel manual drum brakes. I am interested in converting the front to disc. Am I better off buying a new kit? or are there any parts from other models (corvette maybe) that we could just swap out? Im willing to fork out the $700 for a new kit, but it...
  19. Body Shop
    Hi Everyone, So I've had my 1969 Malibu for many years now. When I first got the car she some rust in the usual spots but nothing major. I planned to fix her up when I was in a better place financially but that took longer than I had planned or hoped (doesn't it always). Now the rust has...
  20. My L-79

    My L-79

    My L-79 at U.S.30 Dragstrip back in 1974 when the original owner owned it.