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  1. Engine
    I've been doing some research on this cam and been reading that you need a 1/2" in Fuel line from the tank and 170 GPH Fuel Pump?, i kinda think maybe this cam is a little too big for my build, for those that are running this cam what size of line and fuel pump are you running?
  2. Engine
    Any of you guy's running these cams? how much Vacuum and i expect for power brakes? Lunati Hydraulic Roller Voodoo #60211 Lift: .575 /.575 Duration @ .50 221 int./229 exh, 112 Lope Seperation Lunati Hydraulic Roller Voodoo #60212 Lift: .600/.600 Duration @.50 231 int./239 exh. 110 Lope...
1-2 of 2 Results