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  1. What's it worth?
    Hey there guys, I have been waiting for someone to post on this car but so far no one has jumped in so here it goes. This car seems to good to be true at this price. I have been searching for an unrestored LS5 or LS6 convert along with one of the best restorers around and we cant find one in a...
  2. Tag Team
    Ok I need the experts on verification. I am looking at an LS6. The engine stamp says T01218CRV. If it was a late dec build for a 70, would it be stamped T01218CRV or T91218CRV? Even though it was assembled in 69 would they still stamp it 70?
  3. Restoration Corner
    Did all L78 and LS6 Chevelles come with A.I.R. smog pump regardless of plant origin, transmission type, etc.? If not, what would determine if it had to have the smog pump or not?
  4. Found my LS6 Build Sheet

    My 1970 LS6 Build Sheet, as found, before removal.
  5. LS6 in 1978

1-5 of 7 Results