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  1. Brakes, Suspension & Steering
    Got into a discussion today and looking for clarification if I'm right or wrong - don't really care which, but would like an answer. Gentleman claims (1) all 1969 L78 Chevelles have boxed lower control arms, period and (2) The F41 suspension option in 1969 DID NOT include boxed control arms...
  2. Bench Racing
    I've been having discussions with a gentleman about the L78 in 1967 Chevelles. He has pointed to at least two articles that say it was a dealer-installed option/accessory. I can't seem to convince him otherwise that this was a normal factory installed regular production option. Have I been wrong...
  3. What's it worth?
    Hi; Anyone look at this car, they are asking 35k, but can't produce original documentation. To bad because could be a good deal...
  4. Restoration Corner
    I had Eric restore a 4346 Holley for our L78 engine. A true work of art, just like the previous two that he did for us. Parts missing, no problem Wrong parts on the carb, no problem. Broken pieces, no problem. He has what ever you need to make your carb right. The carbs are too nice to...
  5. 1970 Chevelle L78

    1970 Chevelle L78

    I recently purchased this documented 1970 Chevelle 396 L78 completely restored back to build sheet specs, By Eric Mann and Jim Brady.
  6. Restoration Corner
    Did all L78 and LS6 Chevelles come with A.I.R. smog pump regardless of plant origin, transmission type, etc.? If not, what would determine if it had to have the smog pump or not?
  7. SS396 With Old White Lettered Uniroyals

    SS396 With Old White Lettered Uniroyals

    This is what these cars looked like with the original Uniroyal tires installed.