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  1. Parts
    original stock cast iron intake off a 1969 396 big block. 150.00 or best offer plus shipping.
    $150 USD
  2. Engine
    Does anybody know if a sniper jr intake manifold will fit under a stock 69 ss hood? It will be going on a short deck 540 dart big m block. Ive heard good things about this intake and would like to run it if at all possible. Thanks for any help.
  3. Performance
    Hello, My engine is: '74 454 block '71 LS-5 heads Comp Cams 11-246-3 camshaft Edelbrock Performer 2-0 intake manifold Holley 4160 750 cfm carb HEI ignition what power and torque I can expect from this setup, and what's more important, what will be safe max rpm for it? I'm bit afraid of going...
  4. Performance
    I noticed when i pulled my 496 for repair I had ton of carbon deposit on the pistons, intake and exhaust ports of my heads? The engine only had about 350 miles before breakdown? Does anybody have any idea what would cause this? thanks
  5. Engine
    I have a Weiand Team G intake #7504. I understand there is a tall and a short version. Which would this be?
1-5 of 6 Results