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  1. Performance
    Hey guys need a little help here, I have a 496 bbc with a msd street fire HEI ignition and a Holley 850 with mechanical secondaries. Car was running perfect before I did a recurve on the ignition timing and now it idles great and in park will rev easily through out the whole power band but under...
  2. Bench Racing
    Hi - In my Chevelle, I have the horn button removed from the steering wheel. I can still test the horn by placing anything metal across the spring loaded actuator and the steering wheel (to complete the circuit). Today, I wasn't thinking clearly and used the metal portion of my 2014 Honda...
  3. Electrical & Wiring
    Hello all. I'm looking for the plug for the ignition switch. All the online parts companies say I must buy a complete wiring harness. My GM parts retailer can't find one without a GM part number, which I don't know. If anyone has one to sell our knows the part number, please let me know...
  4. Electrical & Wiring
    I need to rebuild my stock distributor and am having trouble finding a rebuild kit (bushings, etc). Any suggestions where to find them? My engine is a 67 327.
  5. Engine
    well i was driving down the road, about a block away from my house thankfully, when my car just died on me. i was able to push it back to my house to start working in it. now she starts to turn over but wont fire. i just replaced the the cap and rotar on my distributer, still wont fire. there...
1-5 of 6 Results