1. Lumpy idling/running and stalling after being fine.

    Guys, bear with me... I have just got my car from the shop and have done about a 1000 miles with smiles. The car is a 69 396 SS with a 454BB and a new 750cfm performance Holley (one metering block and electric choke and vac secondaries). It has a mildly sporty cam Comp Cams 230 duration and...
  2. Holley Fuel pump stops

    I am running a Holley electric fuel pump supplying a SBC 383. The car is very recently on the road and this problem has occured twice. The pump works fine for 95% of the time. Twice now it has just quit. The fix both times is to let the car sit for a about 10 minutes and the pump starts...
  3. Eric Jackson Carb Restoration

    Restoration Corner
    I had Eric restore a 4346 Holley for our L78 engine. A true work of art, just like the previous two that he did for us. Parts missing, no problem Wrong parts on the carb, no problem. Broken pieces, no problem. He has what ever you need to make your carb right. The carbs are too nice to...
  4. VS or MS Carb for my BBC Build

    I'm in the beginning stages of building a BBC for my 70 chevelle and I'm not sure which route to take on the Carb. Here's my combo so far: 454 .030 over lunati 60204 Cam TH 350 trans (for now will be replace with another auto trans) 2500-2700 torque conv. (Still undecided) 12 bolt with 3.42's...
  5. Holley Carburetors

    Holley Street Avenger p/n HLY0-81570 - 570 CFM Carburetor; Manual Choke - $300.00 Shipped p/n HLY0-81670 - 670 CFM Carburetor; Manual Choke - $310.00 Shipped p/n HLY0-81770 - 770 CFM Carburetor; Manual...