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  1. EFI
    I wanted to start a thread where everyone can post pictures of their Sniper installs and consolidate ideas, experiences and tips. Also ask questions and get answers. I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about my wiring and plumbing during the process and I’m pretty happy with the way...
  2. Sniper EFI fuel tank.jpg

    Holley 12-303 in-tank fuel pump and level sender in factory tank, one 3/8" fuel line out, no return, pressure regulated inside the tank
  3. Sniper EFI install 2.jpg

    Holley Sniper EFI install on SBC, with Hyperspark ignition and sensors
  4. Sniper initial.jpg

    Holley Sniper EFI first startup, non timing controlled HEI
  5. EFI
    OK...rather than waste a bunch of 2 finger keyboard pecking, I will TRY to abbreviate this thread, as much as possible. Car: 1971 Chevelle SS, 439ci BBC, Turbo 400, 3.90 12 bolt rear. Street/Strip Toy, that's been [email protected] with 4.10 gears, and a looser converter.... Have had a Fitech GO-EFI4...
1-5 of 5 Results