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  1. Chevelle Tech
    So ive been reading posts on Heavy Chevy's and read lots of opinions. Im looking to get some newer insight on a path to take with my Heavy Chevy. I have a 71 HC (Vin 134371) and am trying to figure out if 1) I go back to as original as possible or 2) go rogue with it (make it a driver with...
  2. Chevelle Tech
    A guy was telling me that he has a very rare 1972 454 Heavy Chevy Chevelle, one of the very few built near the end of the production year. When he claimed that someone wanted the car and was willing to pay over $200K, I said OK. I never say never. Did they ever make a 454 Heavy Chevy in '72...
  3. Bench Racing
    Just like there are many Chevelles out there, be it a Malibu, Super Sport, Heavy Chevy, Wagon or Coupe. Each one has an individual and unique story behind it. So this thread is for your story. When did you get it? Where? When? Anything unique or special about your Chevy, even if it's only...
  4. 1971 Heavy Chevy

    My new Heavy.
  5. HCfront1

    1972 HEAVY CHEVY
  6. my HC

    Right stripe, right side
  7. fender stripe-wrong

    I think this stripe is way off
1-7 of 7 Results