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  1. Parts
    Hello All, I can only post 10 photos per ad so see my other ads! Quick background. I was on craigslist with a general "Chevelle" search and came across a guy who was selling lenses and trim parts. They have been in a tote in his garage for a long time and originally belonged to his brother who...
  2. Body Shop
    Hello all, I just recently got my 70 back from the paint shop and noticed that the headlights are inconsistently "off" across the board.Anyone have any pro pointers to resolving this issue? Yes, they are Goodmark... I'm thinking that the only way, is to re-drill the mounting holes for the...
  3. American Auto Wire
    MODUBLOX is the newest line of accessory blocks from American Autowire. Add new power accessories and fit them together in any configuration. The first three kits in the series handle your courtesy light, headlights, and wipers. MODUBLOX demo videos are on YouTube! Check out the MODUBLOX page...
  4. American Auto Wire
    Three new headlight products! Switch between high and low beams, automatically reset to low beams, and flash to pass! Coming early June 2010 Watch the video! In the above video, Michael Manning, president of American Autowire discusses and installs three new headlight products. Latching...
1-4 of 4 Results