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  1. Wanted
    Could anyone possibly tell me where I can find a rear Window for my 74 Chevelle ? I've called around and nobody has anything.
  2. Restoration Corner
    OK, I know these are stops, but does anyone have the correct term, or better yet, know where to purchase them individually? Thanks in advance!
  3. Convertibles
    Who makes the best quality convertible tops? It is time to do my 65 top. Why would you want plastic windows vs. glass? I would think that the plastic window gets fuzzier quicker than glass. Looking for private owners, not salespeople responses. Thanks
  4. Restoration Corner
    The glass in my 1970 Chevelle is all original. The windshield is in great shape--no cracks, chips, or deglazing--but has the light scratches and very minor pits you'd expect from 44 years of light dirt, gravel, etc., bouncing off the windshield. I'm contemplating have the glass polished to...
1-4 of 4 Results