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  1. Heating & Cooling
    So Im pretty sure I had my water pump go out on me on my way home from work today (yes, I daily my Chevelle lol) and when I got home the car was definitely hot. It wasn't steaming or anything but it felt and smelled hotter then normal. I don't think any damage was done. Anyway, I know my way...
  2. Interiors
    Hi Everyone, I have a 1970 Chevelle and I am torn between getting the SS gauges or the Racepak dash. Does anyone have photos of a 1970-1972 Chevelle woth a Racepak dash? I haven't had any luck. Also if you have it, how do you like it? Thank you for all the help.
  3. Sponsors
    From now until the end of the month we are shipping all Classic Dash, Classic Thunder Road, and Thunder Road Concourse Series products for free! (Normally these kits are $30-40 to ship.) Now is a great time to add some nice custom gauges to your car! Thunder Road Concourse Series Kits - The...
  4. Electrical & Wiring
    Hey guys, after two years of barely touching it, I am finally trying to get the finishing touches done on my '72 and get it on the road. I am seeing several wires under the hood which I can't identify and hoping you guys can give me some clues. I believe my new harness was setup for a '72...
  5. Electrical & Wiring
    So ever since my wiring fried last winter and I did an emergency rewiring with the painless kit and about 2 weeks of after work labor I got the car rewired with exception of the dash gauges... I tried every wire combination on the little black wiring block that I could find online! and...