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  1. Engine
    Don't know where to begin. My '71 454 had a complete rebuild, all stock. Entire fuel system replaced including rebuilt Q-Jet. Only mods are Flamethrower distributor and headers. After a few hundred hundred miles of trouble free driving, and only on occasion, when driving at 40mph+ after moderate...
  2. Performance
    I`ve been using the the holley red electric pump 97gph free flow with preset pressure 7psi (no regulator- or gauge so have not verified this) with my mildly modified ZZ502 (cam, carb). Stock fuel line, the tube is even squised at one place. I`ve experienced no problems with it going WOT, been...
  3. Troubleshooting
    I have a 1969 El Camino 350 with Edelbrock 4b carb, i was recently driving home from work when suddenly the car shut down. After pulling over, I attempted to restart the car but it wont fire. I had recently installed a new distributer and fuel filter, so Im guessing (HOPING) its not that. Im...