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fuel pump

  1. Engine
    Hey all, I am replacing my loud Holley blue top with a Holley hp125 (gerotor). The blue top is in the front of the fuel tank at the vertical trunk pan area. The new Hp125 pump is bulkier and could potentially get in the way of the rearend if I put it there. Wondering if anyone has a better...
  2. EFI
    A friend of mine is looking for a EFI gas tank or a drop in EFI fuel pump or how to set up the OE tank for fuel injection. I have looked around a bit and haven't seen anything for a 69. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks from Chicagoland.
  3. Engine
    Recently completed a new sbc 383 engine build. The builder recommends 1/2" fuel lines. My carburetor calls for 6 psi. What size fuel lines are fuel pump psi ratings based on? I know a bigger line will decrease the pressure, so I need to find one rated for 6 psi on a 1/2" line.
  4. Engine
    I am running a Holley electric fuel pump supplying a SBC 383. The car is very recently on the road and this problem has occured twice. The pump works fine for 95% of the time. Twice now it has just quit. The fix both times is to let the car sit for a about 10 minutes and the pump starts...
  5. Engine
    I am installing a Mallory 140 GPH on my 68 Chevelle. I am installing the fuel pump on the right side inner frame, right in front of the lower rear control arm mount..ensuring gravity feed and not too far from the tank. I have the body off the frame and am trying to get it all plumbed up before...