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  1. Performance
    I am putting a 454 into a 66 Chevelle.It has SBC pads in the frame and from what I gather they will work fine.My concern is with the engine side.What mounts work???I am trying to keep as much hood clearance as possible??Do the SBC mounts put the engine lower in the cradle than the BBC...
  2. Chevelle Tech
    I have a 67 chevelle that i am putting in a 496 and the problem i am having is the energy suspension mounts they say will fit (31115r) will not fit quite over the frame mount . The frame mounts i bought new are sopoossed to be for a bb is there na difference with the frame mount since they...
  3. 2006
    trying to make sense of the SB / BB frame mount interchangability issues - its a little confusing with all the: a 350 will work on 307 mounts and 454 will work on 350 mounts but not a 454 on 307 mounts. So I figure that I will post some pictures, hopefully someone can positively id the mounts...
1-3 of 3 Results