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  1. General Classifieds
    Please help! In search of a driver fender in great condition to replace my original one that was damaged in a totally avoidable accident by a negligent, selfish, and immature former acquaintance. Please help a fellow Chevelle-aholic out and please don't try to capitalize on this situation it's...
  2. Body Shop
    Hello everyone, Recently just bought a 1964 Chevelle. I want to replace the fenders and have found a set that come ready for install. My only question is they are labeled on the website "1965 Chevelle Fender. Would this be interchangeable to the 64 Chevelle? Any help would be greatly...
  3. Body Shop
    Does there need to be approximately 1/8” gap from the front fender and door?
  4. Body Shop
    Dear All, I have a 70 chevelle that I am working on. We are shaving the parking lamps on the bottom of the fender. Can we just use a 71-72 fender that does not have parking lamps and save labor by not needing to delete them? Is the only difference between the 70 and 71-72 fenders the...
  5. Chevelle Tech
    I have a pair of old GM NOS fenders that I bought in the late 80's with part numbers of 3953853 and 3953854 - lately there have been a few fenders popping-up on eBay with part numbers of 03953853 and 03953854 - why the leading zero? And why would the "Genuine GM" stickers have barcodes on them...
1-5 of 6 Results