1. Join Us On Facebook: Let us help with your builds

    JOIN THE REVOLUTION!! Hey Everyone. We are now on facebook and wanted everyone to know. We are going to be posting lots of great, great stuff. We want to be able to help with any build questions...
  2. Engine


    Replaced burnt out 350 S.M. with a newer one. Top Pic is new one. Bottom was old one. Sorry its not the best angles
  3. My baby wont fire - 69 camino

    well i was driving down the road, about a block away from my house thankfully, when my car just died on me. i was able to push it back to my house to start working in it. now she starts to turn over but wont fire. i just replaced the the cap and rotar on my distributer, still wont fire. there...
  4. '68 Tach inop & wet oil pressure gauge leak

    My '68 convertible is finally out of body work, paint and brakes. The factory tach wasn't hooked up when I bought the car (it had an MSD 6 ignition, a knee-knocker tach and after market gauges). I've installed a new MSD 6 AL ignition. Is there any way to get the factory tach to work with the...