1. Initial 454 Rebuild Post Starting Questions

    454/th400 both rebuilt and before I finished putting the rest of the engine bay together I wanted to get it started. Done! Now a couple things I am fuzzy on. Specs: 454 hyd roller cam, summit mini-high torque starter, victor junior clone, summit double pumper carb, holley mechanical fuel pump...
  2. 454 ground up 71' - "Engine Time"

    I'm knee deep into my ground up 71' Chevelle 454 restoration. This will be a pump gas street car and want it to go fast, stop quick, corner as good as possible, and sound mean as hell. The chassis (powder coat doner frame) is mostly done (thx Mark @ SC&C- AFX suspension kit, V2 Verishock, 14"...
  3. 454 Engine Needed

    I am looking to find a ~550 HP 454 or 502 engine for my 67 Chevelle. I was all set to buy one from Vortec Pro Performance in CO Springs near where I live but it appears that Mark Jones is no longer online. I live near the Denver, CO area. What are reasonable engine builder alternatives that I...
  4. still cannot decide on engine

    ok im really not the most knowledgeable when it comes to engines and everything about them, but im still trying to decide which motor i want:confused::confused::confused:, well i came across this 383ci Small Block Chevy w/Vortec Heads & Roller Cam from blueprint...
  5. Fuel pump question

    Recently completed a new sbc 383 engine build. The builder recommends 1/2" fuel lines. My carburetor calls for 6 psi. What size fuel lines are fuel pump psi ratings based on? I know a bigger line will decrease the pressure, so I need to find one rated for 6 psi on a 1/2" line.
  6. big block serpintine belt conversion

    Chevelle Tech
    Hello everyone, im new to this site for i just purchased my first chevelle last month (66' convert). I just purchased the vintage air a/c (for non a/c cars) system and would like to convert from v-belts to serpintine. I have a 427 ci motor with p/s, alt., electric fans, and will soon have an...
  7. 454 Shaking like crazy

    Hey guys, while I was driving normally down the road and I came to a stop light my car started shaking violently. I pulled over and got out and the engine was shaking quite badly (not motor mounts). RPM's are normal, oil pressure is normal (35-40 at a stop and 65 while on the move), the balancer...
  8. Engine turning over but will not start

    I have a 1969 El Camino 350 with Edelbrock 4b carb, i was recently driving home from work when suddenly the car shut down. After pulling over, I attempted to restart the car but it wont fire. I had recently installed a new distributer and fuel filter, so Im guessing (HOPING) its not that. Im...
  9. We're We make horsepower faster! Check us out

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All. I must say I am real excited we are finally here. We choose the sites to be on very carefully and were proud to be part of such a great group of people! I just wanted to let everyone know we are here. We're Coast High Performance and we've been building, reinventing and making...
  10. 383HT vs ZZ4 350

    Hey Guys, I am rebuilding a '71 Chevelle and am trying to decide on a motor to install. The car was a daily driver from October '08-June '09 when the motor died... not original, not worth rebulding. When the new engine is installed it will be used as a daily driver again. Right now I am...
  11. L79 327

    L79 327

    Original L79 327 under the hood.
  12. 68 Engine Oil Filter & Cannister

    Restoration Corner
    I dont know if I should post this here or in the engine forum. I just installed the 68 396 engine in my car and I went to install the oil filter and there was no spin on nipple to screw it in. It looks like it is set up for the cannister type oil filter. I did order an adapter from Summit. Is...