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  1. Tag Team
    Guys, I was changing out my starter, and I noticed the following stamping on the Block: "74" in large letters "7.4L" in smaller letters close to it. When I bought the car, I couldn't find and serial numbers, so I am just trying to identify the block. I know it is a 4 bolt main. Could this be...
  2. Tag Team
    Ok I need the experts on verification. I am looking at an LS6. The engine stamp says T01218CRV. If it was a late dec build for a 70, would it be stamped T01218CRV or T91218CRV? Even though it was assembled in 69 would they still stamp it 70?
  3. Restoration Corner
    Anyone have more information/tips on raising my vin#s from my engine stamp pad that were removed via the decking process? I searched the forum threads here, found this same question and partial answer from a 2004 post, but could not locate the person responding with the information on the acid...
1-3 of 4 Results