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engine run-in stand

  1. Tools & Shops
    Ready for fire in the holes
  2. Engine
    I recently bought a Chevy motor (1974 350) that was already out of the vehicle. I did some basic things to it, like; new gaskets, changed the oil, new spark plugs/wires, cleaned up most everything, etc. The motor is put back together for the most part, except the radiator hoses, fuel lines...
  3. Performance
    I fired up the 496 yesterday. Very stressful, I am glad it is done lol It fired up right away. :hurray: I had a small leak at the t'stat housing and a plug in the water pump. Small fuel leak at the carb, snugged them down again and all was good. No oil leaks anywhere except the oil pressure...
  4. Electrical & Wiring
    I plan on building an engine test stand for my 396 mainly out of 2"x2"x3/16 squard tubing.I need a wiring diagram for it.I plan on using: 1)3 wire alternator 2)standard coil 3)regular 7 blade fan (w/ shroud) 4)tach 5)standard starter I will be using a machanical oil pressure gauge,water temp...
  5. Performance
    During the Christmas break my neighbor came into my garage while I was cleaning parts on the big block. We were just bs'ing and I happened to mention I was thinking about building a stand to test run it before I dropped it into the car. The next afternoon he called me over for a beer and there...
  6. Performance
    2 bolt Mark iv block,squared and decked, bored .060, torque plate honed,line honed, arp studs Rotating assembly (thanks Mike) internal balanced Scat forged 4.25 crank Scat H beam 6.385 rods SRP forged 18cc dome pistons Total seal file fit rings I got the block back from the machinist and have...
  7. Performance
    I have been wanting to build a run stand.Posted a couple weeks ago and got a lot of good ideas.I was thinking it would be nice to have the engine up of the floor to be more comfortable and since the engine would already be on the stand why not make it so I can add a piece to my heavy duty 4...
  8. Performance
    Looking for plans or some good pictures of a engine test stand. Need to use one for the new build brake in. Thanks.